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2004 Winners

Amber & Dark Lager

1) Thomas Hooker Octoberfest Lager, Troutbrook Brewing, Connecticut
2) Lowenbrau Oktoberfest, Lowenbrau Brauerei, Germany
3) JW Dundee’s Amber Lager, High Falls Brewing, New York


1) HardCore Golden Hard Cider, HardCore Cider Co., Massachusetts
2) HardCore Crisp Hard Cider, HardCore Cider Co., Massachusetts

Dark Ale

1) Shakespeare Stout, Rogue Ales, Oregon
2) Indian Brown Ale, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Deleware
3) Benchwarmer Porter, Cooperstown Brewing, New York

Fruit & Spice Beer

1) One Eared Monkey, Paper City Brewery, Massachusetts
2) Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale, Coors Brewing, Colorado
3) Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat, Boston Beer Co., Massachusetts

India Pale Ale

1) Smuttynose IPA, Smuttynose Brewing, New Hampshire
2) Frostbite Pale Ale, Lake Placid Craft Brewing, New York
3) Cascade IPA, Amherst Brewing, Massachusetts


1) Thomas Hooker Munich-Style Golden Lager, Troutbrook Brewing, Connecticut
2) Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Boston Beer Co., Massachusetts
3) Olde Buzzard Lager, Buzzards Bay Brewing, Massachusetts

Light Ale

1) Oregon Golden Ale, Rogue Ales, Oregon
2) Pete’s Wanderlust Cream Ale, Pete’s Brewing, Texas
3) Boddingtons Pub Ale, Boddingtons Brewery, England

Pale Ale

1) Samuel Adams Scotch Ale, Boston Beer Co., Massachusetts
2) Riptide Red Ale, Casco Bay Brewing, Maine
3) Old Yankee Ale, Cottrell Brewing, Connecticut

Strong Beer

1) Samuel Adams Double Bock, Boston Beer Co., Massachusetts
2) Aldaris Porteris, Aldaris Brewing, Latvia
3) Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, North Coast Brewing, California

Wheat Beer

1) Hoegaarden Witbier, Hoegaarden Brewery, Belgium
2) Weihenstephan Hefe-Weissbier, Weihenstephan Brauerei, Germany
3) Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen, Harpoon Brewery, Massachusetts

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