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It’s hot, real hot. Again. The summer has broken all heat records and those chunks of Antarctica that have broken away have pushed water levels so high that you’re surrounded by water. But no chunks of ice.

At first the heat feels good; it’s like having your own hot tub. But soon you become uncomfortable. You need to cool down. You need a beer. A beer will help you through this crisis. But which beer goes best with hot weather?

“Steward!” you call. “Assemble the players and let the matches begin!”

The Brewing News is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Global Warming Open, a contest pitting refreshing summer beers against one another to determine the most refreshing beer in America. Like the National IPA Championship, beers will be accepted by any brewery choosing to enter the competition. Participating breweries will be placed randomly into the competition brackets. Judges will be choosing the winning beer on a single elimination basis. Winners of the each round will advance to the next round. The judges, all craft beer connoisseurs, will sample your beer in summer conditions. They will be sitting in a hot tub while making their determinations.

At the same time, beer lovers will choose their winners for each round on-line. They will log onto our website locker room ( and read a brief description of your beer as well as view an image. They will then fill out their brackets. A grand prize will be awarded to the person who gains the most bracket points. The top prize will be a free case of the winning beer. Results of each round will be posted on-line within twenty-four hours. Winners will be published in our August/September 2009 issues.

We look forward to adding your refreshing beer to the 2nd Annual Global Warming Open. To do so, complete the entry form and mail, fax or email it to us no later than May 15. As there must be an even number of contestants, entries will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. You then must submit a six-pack of your summer beer to arrive at Brewing News HQ no later than June 17.

Click Here to Enter Online!

Join us for what will be one of the most fun events this summer!

In Training - Please check back when players have hit the showers!

Note: The Summer Sippers challengers are selected at random and placed on the chart in order.

View Beer Brackets
Round 1- June 20, Bridgeport
Round 2 - June 27, Rochester
Round 3 - July 4, Buffalo
Round 4 - July 11, Syracuse
Championship Round - July 18, Burlington
View Last Year's Competition

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