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MABN Hop Tips, MID-JUNE 2017

Hi Everybody! Here are some events that have popped up since the last time along with some reminders from the main June Hop Tips.

Don't forget Father's Day. This year is the first without the Old Man for me so take some time and have a beer with yours. Cheers, Johnny V

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June 24,  St. Mary's City Beer Fest at Historic St. Mary's City Museum, St. Mary's City, MD -
Our annual celebration of beer, food and music. 240-895-4977


June 27, Ales vs Lagers With Dogfish Head at Brick Works Brewing & Eats, Smyrna, DE -
Five courses. Five beers. Two chefs going Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots with ales versus lagers in the pairings. 302-508-2523

District of Columbia

June 15-30, Dealer's Choice, Washington, DC -
Not a lot of events within the District so support your local bartender and brewery.


June 16, Wild Game & Beer Dinner at Academy Theatre, Hagerstown, MD -
I was hunting when I was younger and I came across a naked woman in the woods. I asked her if she was game. She said "I sure am". So I shot her… [drum rim shot]

June 16-17,  Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival at National Harbor Waterfront, National Harbor, MD -
You can go whole hog on Friday and take home the bacon on Saturday.

June 17, Boat & Brew Monocacy River at Barley & Hops, Frederick, MD -
Don't brew and boat because there are DUI laws for the water. Do it in the order they recommend. Now we have a drinking and driving issue. Call Uber. 301-668-5555

June 18, Father's Day beer Festival at Sunset Park, Ocean City, MD -
Celebrate and salute the joys of fatherhood. You sure that this isn't a whiskey fest?

June 22, Brews Cruise: Soundtrack To My Life at Urban Pirates, Baltimore, MD -
Plenty of Heavy Seas could be the cause of heavy pees if you hold it in… 410-327-8378

June 24,  St. Mary's City Beer Fest at Historic St. Mary's City Museum, St. Mary's City, MD -
Our annual celebration of beer, food and music. 240-895-4977

June 24,  Chesapeake Crab & Beer Festival at Rash Field, Baltimore, MD -
If you eat too many crabs, a little 1% Permethrin can help you prevent getting a rash at Rash Field.

New Jersey

June 17-18,  Somerville Craft Beer Fest at N. Bridge St., Somerville, NJ -
No dogs allowed this year. Sorry guys. All we are going to have are 8, 9 and 10s.

June 24, Battleship New Jersey Beer Festival on board the Battleship New Jersey, Camden, NJ -
In the Navy, you can sail the seven seas… Lucky for you, the ship is docked in Camden and there will be 40+ breweries. 856-966-1652

June 24, 2017 Brew at The Turtleback Zoo, West Orange, NJ -
I actually typed turtlehead a couple of times. Maybe you'll see a "Lager"head… 973-731-5800

June 29, Carton Beer Pairing Dinner at Coltello Ristorante, Trenton, NJ -
After dinner, go hang out at the Trenton train station and prepare to be amazed at what you will see there. 609-585-2471


June 17, Sierra Nevada Beer Camp on Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA -
America's largest beer festival is taking over Penn's Landing with 100's of craft beer.

June 17, 2017 West Chester Craft Beer Festival at Melton Arts & Ed Center, West Chester, PA -
1st annual so I really can't tell you much except that beer will be involved.

June 17, Harrisburg Brewers Fest in Downtown Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA -
Beer is the focus of this event and your focus will probably be out if you don't pace yourself.

June 17, 5th Annual Brews & Bites at Pennsbury Manor, Morrisville, PA -
Fundraiser for the home of William Penn who is the founder of Pennsylvania. Ask me about the certain angle of the statue of Penn on top of Philly's City Hall. 215-496-0400

June 24, Summer Ale Festival 2017 at the Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA -
This is the Zoo's annual festival set among big cats, great apes and exotic creatures. You'll love the animals also. 215-243-1100

June 24, Lansdale Beer Tasting Festival at Cannoneers Football Field, Lansdale, PA -
Two hour VIP session makes this fun, fun, fun with the GA's enviously waiting at the gate.

June 24, Snack Town Brewfest at Good Field, Hanover, PA -
They had me at Utz and Snyder. Hanover's snack food heritage will be on tap along with beer and wine. What wine pairs with Grandma Utz's Kettle Cooked?

June 24, Ephrata Brewfest at Whistlestop Plaza, Ephrata, PA -
Take a side trip to the Ephrata Cloister and try out the wooden pillows. Not kidding on this one. 717-738-9291


June 17, Old Ox Brewery Anniversary Party at Old Ox Brewery, Ashburn, VA -
Something's Brewing at the party. Uh...that's the band. 703-729-8375

June 17, Wonder City Beer Festival in Downtown Hopewell, Hopewell, VA -
Added free of charge for your tasting pleasure is an amazing view of the Appomattox River. So you got that going for you.

June 17, Shenandoah Valley Blues & Brews Festival at The Club At Ironwood, Staunton, VA -
$50 says you drink. Drinking is forbidden at Ironwood sir and I never sip. [Opens bottle] Damn! Okay, you can owe me… 540-213-2213

June 24, Northern Virginia Summer Brewfest at Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA -
A bunch of high ABVs will probably have you running with the imaginary bulls through the park.

West Virginia

June 17, Red, White & Brew! at Pipestem Spa & Event Center, Pipestem, WV -
Beer, wine and moonshine will help you channel your inner Hatfield or McCoy.

June 24, Sound Waves & IPA's at Bridgeport City Park, Bridgeport, WV -
Music, food and beer. Bring your own soccer mom chairs. 304-842-8240

June 24, Zoo Brew at Oglebay Good Zoo, Wheeling, WV -
They actually want you to call for information instead of just a little more typing and being done with it. 304-243-4100