NIPAC - Hops Hot Hoops


These are often forgotten when packaging. We need them!

IMPORTANT: All beers entered must be brewed for commercial consumption.

Entry Rules:
1. Enter early as brackets are be filled on a first come, first served basis.
All entries must be submitted via this web form.

2. Please follow ABV entrance rules carefully. ABVs will be monitored and evaluated.
Entries that do not conform to the ABV range specified will be instantly disqualified.

2. Entrants are required to send a six pack of each entered beer.
A new bottle is opened during each round on separate days.

Please note: While refresher beers are acceptable throughout the competition,
brewers are required to send a minimum of 6 bottles/cans/etc. initially.
If fewer than 6 bottles/cans/etc. are received, your beer will be disqualified.

Shipping info here as well as tracking info form:

Beers should be shipped after 1/15/2019 to arrive at the Brewing News office
during the first week of February (no later than 2/12/2019).
Please plan ahead to avoid express shipment fees!
Label beers clearly with beer name, competition entered and brewery name.
Use environmentally friendly packaging when possible!

Be aware that in a field of 128, you may be required to send more beer for the final round.

Pack beers carefully to avoid breakage (this suggestion includes cans!)
Send a minimum of 6 bottles per entry to cover the first six rounds.

Ship after 1/15/2019 to arrive no later than 2/10/2019.
Pack carefully, with beer name, competition entered and brewery name.
Fed Ex
Check the 21+ signature box
Indicate beer shipper

UPS or Postal

[Competition Abbreviation*]
c/o Gene McCarthy's Pub
571 South Park Ave
Buffalo, NY 14204

[Competition Abbreviation*]
c/o Brewing News
571 South Park Ave
Buffalo, NY 14204


After shipment, enter your tracking information here:

3. No entry fee is required, but donations are encouraged.

4. Please fill out all fields in the form and be sure upload a beer label photo or brewery image,
as this helps us make the competition website more readable and promotes your beer!
(Please do not ask us to add info or images from a previous year's submission,
as these entry forms help to automate the creation of this year's locker room.)

5. Any questions regarding submission(s) or tournament details call 1-800-474-7291.

Bracket Closed

National IPA Championship

Competition Rule:
An IPA is has an ABV of 7.5% or less.

Bracket Full

National Imperial IPA Championship

Competition Rule:
An I-IPA (Double, Triple, etc.)
has an ABV of more than 7.5.

Bracket Closed

National Specialty IPA Championship

Enter your
Black, Rye, White, etc. IPA or your barrel aged, fruited IPA here. Specialty IPAs are IPAs with extra ingredients or brewing processes!

Bracket Full

National Hazy IPA Championship

Those Hazy IPAs are sure popular. If you've got game, enter yours!

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