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Lingual endeavors

Once inside his cell block hotel room, Medio lay down on a cot that looked like a reject from a Boy Scout summer camp. Wincing as the springs creaked, he shivered and pulled the wafer thin blanket over him. "Do you think they have more blankets?" he asked.

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"I'll take care of that pronto!" the BigGuy said, and disappeared into the hall.

"Capn, you want to go get a cerveza?" Nuco asked.

Capn looked around, reviewing his options, then said, "I think I need one of those Saver things, those Life Savers."

"Salva Vidas," Nuco said, referring to Honduras' most popular beer.

"Right. Life Savers," Capn said. "Will they help keep our heads above water if we fall into a street puddle?"

As they were about to leave, the BigGuy returned, carrying two towels.

"Those are toallas," Nuco said. "You need to ask for cobijas."

"Cobijas," the BigGuy repeated.

"Right," said Nuco, "grandes."

"Yo necesita cobijo grandes," the BigGuy repeated.

"Something like that," Nuco replied, ignoring the gender and number conflicts.

The Big Guy disappeared in search of a blanket again, and Nuco and Capn returned to the street. The rainfall had stopped. "Where are we going?" Capn asked.

"I want to see if the Bar Caribe is still open," Nuco replied. "You'll like this place, Capn, they have the best reggae music of any jukebox in the city."

The Bar Caribe had been demolished, replaced by an empty, muddied lot. "Let's walk down the street and see if we can find Daisy," Nuco said, growing single-minded again.

"Who's..." Capn began.

"...Papers, please," a uniformed official interrupted in passable English. The official was accompanied by a rifle-wielding boy soldier, who stood at attention, smiling. Nuco replied in Spanish and after expressing surprise, the official repeated his request. Nuco repeated his answer, then offered to return to his cell block to fetch his papers. After several more minutes of dickering, the official turned to the smiling boy soldier and motioned that they leave.

"What did he want?" Capn asked.

"Money," Nuco said. "I told him I wasn't giving him any, that I'm a native in this town, not a sailor."

"They were carrying guns," Capn said uneasily.

"Did you see the way that baby-faced fascist tool was carrying his gun? Barrel up! It was probably filled with rain water!" Nuco returned his attention to the area around them. "They call this area Punta Caliente, Capn, which means Hot Point. Let's go further down and see if we can find her."

"Find who?" Capn asked.

"Daisy, my girlfriend," Nuco said.

"You have a girlfriend in Honduras?" Capn said. "That's quite a commute."

"I haven't seen her in over a year," Nuco explained.

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