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Voyages of los Testigos - Part 6, Page 2

Shakedown at sunset

Minutes later, Roberto arrived, swinging an umbrella. Once he stepped outside the gate, Nuco blocked the entrance. "Where's the cocaine?" he demanded.

"I couldn't get it," Roberto replied.

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"Let's have the money," Nuco said.

"I don't got it," Roberto replied.

"Where is it?"

"I don't have it."

"I know you don't have it," Nuco snapped. "I asked where is it?"

"This is bullshit!" Medio snarled, reaching into his money pouch. "I'm gonna knife him!" Roberto backed away, then saw that his escape route was blocked.

"Give us the money," Nuco said.

"I'm gonna cut him," Medio snarled, reaching deeper into his pouch.

"I'll call the police!" Roberto said. He turned toward the house. "Help!" he half-yelled.

"Wait," Nuco said. Medio pulled his hand out of the pouch, spilling a few coins onto the ground. Nuco turned to Roberto. "You need to go get the money."

"I gave it to my grandmother!" Roberto said, as if that explanation was all that was needed.

"Empty your pockets!" Nuco demanded. Roberto produced a small baggie of pot and some money. Nuco grabbed it, then counted the money. "Seven Lempiras."

"Where's the twenty dollars!" Medio snarled again and stuck his hand into the money pouch, coming up with a couple more coins.

"I don't have your money!" Roberto yelled.

Nuco looked at Medio and shook his head. He turned to Roberto. "This isn't enough. Gimme the umbrella."

"That's my grandmother's umbrella," Roberto protested.

Nuco snatched it. "Then tell her to come and get it!" Quelling the urge to smash it over the fence, he said, "Bring us the money and you'll get your umbrella back."

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