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Voyages of los Testigos - Part 15, Page 2

Border Skirmishing

"Yes, they loved us in Nicaragua!" the BigGuy enthused as the group began the three kilometer trek out of Nicaragua to Costa Rica. As with the previous border, bus transportation was spotty to nonexistent and the group had decided to walk.

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"So there we are on the beach in San Juan del Sur, near a group of Sandinista soldiers on R & R, and the Fatneck decides to take his shorts off," Medio said.

"No!" the BigGuy responded.

"Yeah, he's walking down the beach with his shorts over his head."

"I don't imagine the soldiers were very happy about that," prompted the BigGuy.

"I thought they were going to attack us. One of them yelled something. It was a manly bunch."

"What'd you do when they yelled?" asked the BigGuy.

"I walked a little faster," said Medio.

At that moment, the sound of artillery rolled off the hills near the road. Capn picked up the pace.

"So Nuco opened the first nude beach in Nicaragua," Medio continued, "You were lucky they didn't shoot your balls off."

"A gringo opening a nude beach in Nicaragua, how would that have looked in the local papers?" the BigGuy mused, glancing toward the nearby hills while keeping pace with Capn's speedier gait.

"A dead nude gringo," said Medio. "An international incident. Maybe a capitalist plot."

"They were waving their flag," Nuco explained, "so I figured I'd wave mine."

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