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Voyages of los Testigos - Part 1, Page 3

"We could have our luggage," Medio said.

"True," the BigGuy responded. "Here we are in downtown San Pedro Sula on a Friday night, surrounded by good looking mujereswho all love us by the way. Did you see that waitress smile at me? Now I ask you, why does the luggage matter?

"I'm glad you asked, because I'll tell you why," continued the loqu

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acious BigGuy. "La problema, as I see it, is that our clothes are in Miami. How long do you think the mujeres are going to stay interested in us if we don't have clean clothes? I'd venture to guess..."

"Let's go to Copan," Nuco interrupted. "We can visit the Mayan ruins, then come back tomorrow to get our bags."

"Will they still be here?" Medio asked.

Nuco shrugged.

"Good idea," said Capn.

"The buses leave from just around the corner," Nuco added.

"What about a place to sleep tonight?" Medio asked.

"Hotel San Pedro," Nuco said, rejuvenated now that his idea had taken hold.

"First let's get a few more of those lifesavers," Capn said.

The BigGuy rolled up the sleeves on his white, button-down and gazed at his traveling companions. They seemed satisfied with the plan. "Señora!" he exclaimed loudly, waving at the waitress. "Cuatro mas cervezas, por favor!"

As the waitress responded, the BigGuy turned to Medio. "Señor, you seem a little glum. Was it something your ex novia said to you at the airport?"

"She was concerned that we were vacationing in the middle of a war zone," Medio replied. "She said she came to the airport because she wanted to be the last person to see me alive."

"Hmmm...," said the BigGuy, in that tone that meant he was about to utter something profoundor entirely nonsensical.

"She also suggested that I freeze some of my sperm before coming down here," Medio added.

"Kind of drastic, don't you think?" said the BigGuy, distracted from his contemplation by this added information.

"Especially since you broke up with her several months ago," Nuco added.

The waitress arrived with more cervezas and conversation drifted to the high qualityand potencyof the beer, a straw-colored lager that was recognized by beer drinking Hondurans as the strongest of the nation's three offerings. It was also the most popular.

The evening passed slowly as the quartet ordered several more rounds, enchanted by the foreign sights and sounds around them, memories that would echo through their lives for years. Finally, the BigGuy stood. "Esta noche mis amigos, yo soy cansado," he said. The time had arrived to search for sleeping quarters.

Next issue, torrential rains in Nuco's former coastal hometown, a cement cell block hotel, and beer.

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