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Voyages of los Testigos - Part 15, Page 3

Safety in Costa Rica

Despite the bombardments taking place in the hills around Nicaragua, los Testigos reached the Costa Rican border safely. Unfortunately, the customs area was closed for the day.

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The BigGuy looked around. This wasn't a modern border, with services for the tourist and trucker alike. In fact, all that met the BigGuy's gaze was the marble sculpture of a long dead Costa Rican hero, and a hard cement floor. "Hmm, nice floor," the BigGuy observed. "I think we'll be sleeping here."

"I like this country already," added Medio.

"There will be a bus in the morning," Nuco said hopefully.

After a long night on a cement floor, los Testigos completed an easy border crossing procedure and found a bus to San Jose. Leaving the main bus terminal, they immediately sought a beer. "Cuatro cervezas, por favor," the BigGuy ordered, his Spanish improving with every syllable.

Once settled, the BigGuy couldn't help but notice all the pretty women nearby. Some were passing by, others sitting in the restaurant they'd chosen. One woman was openly smiling at the table of gringos. This was a dream come true.

A drunk wandered off the street and up to the table. "Mmpfr...mff...phfrrf."

"What's he saying?" Medio asked.

"No language I know," the BigGuy replied, looking around nervously. If this guy didn't move soon, the woman eyeing their table would lose interest.

"Drunk," Nuco said.



"No, what language?" the BigGuy asked, momentarily distraced from his woman wandering worries.

"Drunk. He's speaking drunk," Medio said, picking up on Nuco's train of thought.

The BigGuy looked at the group, curious.

"Drunk's a language," said Nuco.

"Been spoken for centuries," Medio added. "Ever since fermentation began."

"Milennia," said Nuco.

"Capn knows that language pretty well," Medio said. "Capn, what's he saying?"

"Says he wants a beer," Capn responded.

By now, the BigGuy had given up on the woman. As beautiful as she was, she would never risk approaching this table of lunatics. "I'd say the women in Costa Rica are some of the prettiest in the world," he said.

"The foxes?" Medio asked.

"Yeah. The foxes are some of the prettiest in the world."

"Better than France, Capn?" Medio asked.

Capn grimaced, the lines on his forehead growing deeper. The drunk, after mumbling a few more lines from the language of Drunk, moved away.

"Better than France," said Nuco.

"How do you know?" Capn asked. "You've never been to France."

Nuco shrugged. "I've seen pictures."

"And here, they're standing right next to you, smiling," added the BigGuy. "They love us here!" At that moment he noticed another woman smiling at him. He smiled back, and lifted his hand in salute. Noticing the dirt-stained sleeve of his white, Catholic schoolboy shirt, he dropped his hand. "She likes me," he said.

"That's the waitress," Medio said. "You just ordered four more cervezas."

"Right," the BigGuy replied. "Well, I could sit here all day and drink cervezas with this scenery. We're surrounded by foxes.

"Cuatro mas cervezas, por favor," he added.

"Y cuato foxes," added Medio.

"Si, cuatro mujeres bonitas y cuatro cervezas," agreed the BigGuy. "What a vacation."

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